The Journey To Becoming An Expat In France

What do you do when you’re in your twenties, you’re graduating from college, you’re single, and you have absolute freedom? For me the answer is simple – travel. There’s an entire world that I have yet to see, so in the next three years I’m going to be publishing stories and articles about my journey to the beautiful country of France and my adventures there! Everything will be brand new to me. The culture, the places, the food, and especially the experience of living in the country. During this exciting journey, I’ll also be writing about what I learn and sharing it with readers so that they, too, can fulfill the dream of travelling the world.

In the summer of next year, with any luck, I’ll be living my dream as a travel blogger in France. I’ll move from region to region exploring French cities, historical sites, experiencing French culture and eating the French way.

I’ve always needed to travel but I never knew that I could do it. Before the summer of 2016 when I stayed in Paris for a month to study French, I didn’t know if I could take care of myself while living in Paris. Not only was I successful, I made friends along the way and I fell in love with the feeling of being a traveler, not knowing what the next day would bring.

There are lot of things for me to consider when moving to France. Where will I stay? What visa will I get? What will I do with my pets? What will I do with my car? Where will I go? How will I meet new people? Where do I find a doctor? These are questions I’m excited to answer. Hopefully, I’ll answer many of your questions as well as I take this journey.

As someone who has grown up in Alabama – a proud, religious, nationalistic state of America, I’m inclined toward more global states of mind, favoring my human identity over my political, national, or spiritual identity. To travel the world this way is for me to experience true freedom, and to solidify my human importance and those of the humans I share this world with. At last, this is my adventure and I’ll take it on happily!

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