Travel Gear For The Minimalist Traveler, Blogger, and Videographer

Photo by Brandi Redd

Minimalism doesn’t mean throwing away everything you own. It means eliminating the things that do not add value to your life. Right now in my apartment I can think of a bunch of clothing items that I do not wear often enough. They’re either not versatile enough or they’re outdated. Since I rarely use them, they take up space – they clutter up my closet. When I’m back in my apartment for school, I plan to donate them all and only keep the essential clothes that I love to wear and that work in lots of situations. If you’re thinking about eliminating clutter from your wardrobe I recommend considering whether the item makes you feel confident when you wear it. It makes for a good standard to hold your clothes to. As for my living room, I have a bunch of games and DVDs that I’ve played and watched but I don’t spend my time with them anymore. They’ll have to go, and I can probably make some cash back for selling them. As for the DVDs: I watch everything on Netflix and YouTube TV, so there’s not much point in me having these hard copies clutter up the storage space.

Minimalism also doesn’t mean that I can never buy anything. It just means I’ll be thinking a little harder about what I choose to spend my money, my attention, and my personal space on.

For my life in France, I plan to use my phone, my lovely Chromebook, my camera, and a few other items to help me write my blog. Since these items will help me complete my work and make my blog more interesting to read and watch, I feel like the purchases will be worthwhile and will be important tools for me to use.

Here’s a small wish list of items I’ll want for my journey and their perks.


Smartphone Gimbal: Zihyun Smooth Q

This is a stabilizer. You put your smartphone in the spring clamps on top and turn on the gimbal. The three axes stabilize your smartphone so that you can make buttery smooth video with your camera. This is the simplest and easiest gimbal I’ve seen. It’s among the cheapest without sacrificing quality. It has a couple of modes where you can track a subject with the gimbal, you can lock the gimbal in place so that no matter how you move the control stick the phone’s camera won’t change orientation, and a quick-selfie mode that you can enter by clicking the setting button three times.

The best thing about this gimbal is that it’s lightweight and easy to bring with me. The gimbal is an affordable $99 compared to the more pricey gimbals you can find. It’s also very portable, so I won’t be spending too much pack space on it. It comes in its own case and I’ll be able to chuck it in a backpack or my back pocket and take it with me. As a bonus, it can even charge my phone.


Drone: Mavic Air

This is a drone. The stuff of the future and video game culture. It flies around taking pictures and video for up to 21 minutes. It’s operated by your smartphone, a remote control that your smartphone plugs into, and hand gestures. (Which I think is so cool!)

This little gadget is a wonderful product of engineering, so it’s expensive, but I believe the results I get will be worth the $800. A really cool thing about this drone is that it can track me and sixteen other objects, and it can follow me where I go.

One of the best things about this drone is that it’s also lightweight and portable. Its propeller arms fold into its main chassis and is only slightly bigger than your smartphone when folded! Yet another cool gadget I can throw into my pack while I’m travelling in France.

For something so tiny, it takes great video. Take a look!

Vidéo par Lama Volantfarpoint55

Backpack: Osprey Farpoint 55L

The most advanced piece of technology a minimalist traveler and blogger can use – a backpack.

I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about backpacks or if a 55L waterproof backpack could sustain me for 2 years in France. For such a long period of stay, it may be better if I bite the bullet and suffer through checked baggage with wheels. My goal will be to do everything I can to eliminate clothes and objects so that I won’t even need a suitcase. If I can pack my life inside this nice backpack, I’ll be happy.

This backpack has zippers, it has buckles. It has a place for my laptop, room for equipment, and space for tightly folded clothes. My favorite thing about this backpack is that it has a removable daypack inside of it so I can carry only what I need with me in lighter weight.

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