Dream Simple

The question I get asked most often is,

“Why France?”

Meaning: why did I choose to travel to France for a year. My answer is simple.

To travel more, to write, and to learn French. Those reasons have not changed. The title has.

Changing Dreams of France

Dreams of France allowed me to write about my experiences in France from a personal viewpoint and to write about France as it has been written about time and time again. Travelling has been a wonderful, eye-opening experience and I think everyone should do it if they have the means. However, I must be honest with myself – I’m not a travel writer. I’m a traveling writer. I can not add the most value to your life by writing about how you, too, can travel the world and live an adventurous, exciting life because the fact is your life is happening right now, where you are. I’m much more interested in you than I am in myself.

What’s changing?

From here on out this blog will be titled Dream Simple. I will continue to write about France, but I will also write more about topics that I think will be of greater use to you than where to buy the most delicious croissants. (Of course, I will still be traveling in France to achieve my goal of learning to speak French fluently, so don’t worry. It’s only a matter of time until I write about croissants.)

The Future of Dream Simple

In America there is a cultural disagreement to which the resolution is long overdue. The disagreement pertains to what kids should be learning in school and who should be teaching them. What should they be learning? Who should teach them – the parents or the teachers?

I think it’s no secret that our society produces 18, 19, 20, and 21-year-olds who have no clue what they’re doing. They can’t budget, pay taxes, or get a job. They don’t sleep well, eat well, exercise, or hydrate. They’re drowning in debt. They don’t stay married and they’re unhappy. I’m one of them!

We should learn everything we need to know to have a basic level of happiness and to be able to become anything we want to eight years before we ever become adults and active members of society. No, I’m not talking about changing my target audience to 10-year-olds – I’m just illustrating the point.

I don’t have the time or energy to persuade education higher ups or parents to change the system, so Dream Simple will bypass society and publish articles on things everyone should know to live a life of basic, growing happiness.

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